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Sergey Kharagorgiev


I first went to websites like,, etc. I did not like the lack of structure: there are lists with hundreds of problems, and no obvious way to choose from them (apart from random sampling). Which was not efficient enough, because I had just a few weeks to prepare. But in InterviewBit, I liked structured content, interactive features that worked as my own virtual coach -- giving suggestions on which problems to solve next. Overall, I was guided via a great overview of algorithms, data structures, and problem types. I got in touch with InterviewBit team after leveling up. They were very nice with offering me a mock interview session, which was very helpful for finding weak spots in my algorithms knowledge, system design and coding skills. Practicing with InterviewBit helped me to pass through phone screening interviews, prepare for on-site interviews, and eventually get a job offer that I'm happy with.

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Israel Tsadok


InterviewBit is awesome coding resource! The questions were all really good, and the gaming aspect kept me going way longer than I would have otherwise. Because of InterviewBit I got multiple offers, but I ended up joining Google.

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Julia Cochran


InterviewBit dramatically changed the way my full-time software engineering interviews went. Just 30 minutes on the site every day will help you tremendously. The problems here are very similar to those you will be asked interviewing for tech companies and the structure of InterviewBit really facilitates learning. If you want a software engineering position, there is no better way to prepare than using InterviewBit. Practice every day and there is no job that is unobtainable :)

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Get personal guidance from the best in the business

An ecosystem of personal mentor, TAs and lecturers ensure you learn right things at right pace. Post that, your career coach helps you find a job that you love.

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How you spend your time during the course

Reverse Engineered Course Curriculum

We are familiar with the most top tech companies interview process.
Our tailored course structure will help you learn skills relevant to industry need.

2nd Batch for US candidates will start soon.

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A payment plan of your choice

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Prepaid Model
Postpaid Model

Upfront $20K for the 6 month course

(Early bird Offer: 50% discount on the entire course)

Pay us 17% of base salary for 2 years if you get a job of more than the Minimum Guaranteed Salary.

Min. Guaranteed Salary will be in the range of $75K - $120K Know More (Maximum Total Payment: $30K)
Net Zero Cost unless you get a Job
Guaranteed Referrals
Premium Lectures from top professors
Dedicated Mentor
Teaching Assistant
Career Coach
InterviewBit Community
Course Certificate
6 months immersive course

Here are some other offer calculations

Offer (in $ per Annum)
17 % for 2 Yrs
Total Payable (In $)
Monthly Payment
150 K
51.0 K
30.0 K
$2000.0 (in 15 Months)
120 K
40.8 K
30.0 K
$1667.0 (in 18 Months)
100 K
34.0 K
30.0 K
$1364.0 (in 22 Months)
90 K
30.6 K
30.0 K
$1250.0 (in 24 Months)
75 K
25.5 K
25.5 K
$1063.0 (in 24 Months)
< 75 K
< 25.5 K
0 K
$0 (No need to pay anything)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is eligible for the course. We are starting the first batch with people graduating from Universities in 2019 or 2020 after taking a basic online test.

We partner with over 500 companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Zenefits, Thoughtspot etc. You'll be referred to our partner companies at the end of your course.

6 months.

It will be in the late evenings (7 pm to 10 pm Tentatively).

You'll have access to view all your past activities in the academy, including video recording of every lecture conducted for your batch. The recording is made available shortly after the lecture is over.

You could either pay for the course with a down payment of $20K at the beginning of the course. You can also pay us by the Postpaid model where you pay us 17% of your salary when you get a job of more than minimum amount specified to you after you take the entrance test(Maximum total payable amount is $30K).

The total amount collected for the fee is capped at $30K. So, let's say we get you a job that pays $100K. Now, 17% of that over two years becomes $34K. We will not collect $34K but stop collecting as soon as the collected amount becomes $30K.

The course has a fixed schedule where you'll learn with a dedicated professor / TAs and mentor, and requires 3 hour daily commitment from you for the next 6 months.

If you can't get a job through your On-campus recruitment, referrals through InterviewBit, or any other medium above the Min. Salary we share, you do not need to pay us anything.

During the mid-sem and end sem exams we will be conducting remedial classes to cover skipped topics

Yes, you are. There will be 3 different sets of people working on your success. Instructor (1 hour daily) per batch. Teaching assistant working 3 hours daily for a sub-batch of 25. Mentor working 1:1 with you every 2 weeks. All of them work with a single goal which is to make you a much better developer and to ensure that you end up working with one of the top tech entities. We will have to pay all of these people apart from creating the curriculum, content, and tech. Our average spend on a single person will be significantly high. Multiple referrals are just another perk of the course. You pay because the Academy makes you a better developer and increases your chances of cracking interviews, no matter the medium. Long story short, this 6-month course will help you learn more and create a more meaningful connections than one complete year at your college.

IB Academy is an educational initiative with a focus on upskilling you and ensuring you crack interviews. Our payments are in sync with our mutual success that is measured when you get an offer from a company. Hence you are liable to pay when you get placed above the guaranteed Salary, irrespective of the next step you take. If you are not planning to be in a full-time job after graduating from InterviewBit Academy, we suggest not joining, to avoid the financial burden while not working.

No. You will be referred to multiple companies until you get an offer letter above the Min. Guaranteed Salary. Even post that we will keep referring you to even better opportunities. We will also help you do significantly better in on-campus recruitment/identify opportunities across other mediums.

You only need to interview with companies which look interesting to you, however, our promise of referrals is fulfilled even if you turn down the interviews.

You can share your offer letter with us, we can revise the value of your minimum guaranteed Salary if it is less than your current Salary. If you continue the course after one week, you are liable to pay the course fee.

We would recommend you to join the Academy only if you want to take a job right after the course. And if you want to join in just for the purpose of learning, you can be a part of the academy by opting for the prepaid model.

IB Academy is an educational initiative with focus on upskilling you and ensuring you crack interviews. Our payments are in sync with our mutual success that is measured when you get an offer from a company. Hence you are liable to pay when you get placed above the guaranteed Salary, irrespective of the next step you take.

We have a separate referral channel for the academy students, as we will have more data points to understand the skills levels for the academy students.

No. Shifting between the batches is not possible. Every batch would have its unique entrance exam, which needs to be cleared to be a part of that batch

Yes. We will help you with finding a new and better job. However, it would have no effect on the payments.

We will keep referring you for the next 1 year from the date of starting of the course. If you still don't end up finding a job paying more than minimum guaranteed Salary using any channel, you are not liable to pay InterviewBit.

Yes. You will receive an IB Academy Certificate.

Students pick their mentors on their own. It’s based on a first come first serve basis.

No. College CGPA does not play any role in your entry to the program.

The course is free only for the first week, if you continue to attend the lectures even after that, you need to pay the complete course fee.

At the time of enrollment, you will be signing an Agreement which has PPO clause which excludes your current internship from payment liability.

The test is there to ensure that you are at a level where the consumption of content in optimal. You learn as much as you can. There will be 2 outcomes from the test, either you pass and you are taken in the upcoming batch or we help you figure out your weak areas for now. In that case, we tell you our exact assessment and give you a set of recommendations on what to study. Then, we do the test again in one month time.

Our current curriculum suits new grads/people graduating from campus. For someone who is experienced, there are so many other things which become important. We will be launching one batch in 4 months' time frame for experienced individuals. We will be happy to have you with us then.

No. Your appraisals/salary hikes from switching a company later do not affect the fee that you pay us monthly.

We have existing Tie-ups with campuses and employers to help us track the application process.. But in general, trust.

  • Basic Coding: We will check whether you understand loops / conditional statements and if you understand the code in depth. You should be good at debugging code and dry running codes.
  • Medium / Advanced coding: We will check where you are currently. This helps us customize the pace of learning in the course where it doesn't feel too slow or too fast for you.

  • Click here to start solving coding interview questions