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InterviewBit Academy Teaching Assistant Program

We are building out InterviewBit Academy to give people better tech education in India. We are looking for aspirational people who can be mentors to students studying in the academy. You would basically guide students and become course coach for them.

You will work with mentors coming from top tech companies

Why Become a TA?

Meet our students personally and guide them on a 1-1 basis

  • Have a significant impact in the life of your students

  • Keep your coding skills upto date by teaching others

  • Practice leadership and management strategies through constant feedback from the InterviewBit team.

  • Earn 25K just by helping students.

  • A chance to give back to the tech community

InterviewBit TAship provides


Get feedback and coaching to develop your management skills


Build a network of your trusted tech lieutenants, a very valuable asset whenever you plan to build a new team or start a venture


We match you with the right set of students. You can choose and work with right number based on your schedule

We are currently hiring TAs for

Backend Engineering Career Track

Fullstack Engineering Career Track

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How it Works


You Apply

Apply to be a TA or write to us if you have any questions


We review your profile

Once we have received your application we will review your profile


Let's talk

If your profile gets shortlisted we will give you a call to have a discussion

Join our team

TAship requirements

  • You must be really good at data-structures and algorithms.

  • You must be available 3 hours a day (from 7PM to 10PM, 5 days a week).

  • You must be graduating in 2019 or before.

  • You should be holding at least one pre-placement offer.

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