Top 20 C++ Projects With Source Code [2023 Update]

C++ Projects

As a part of the evolution of the C family of languages, C++ is designed by renowned computer scientist Bjorne Stroustrop. It was designed as a cross-platform improvement of C to equip programmers with a more elevated degree of command over memory and system resources.

Some anoint C++ as “C with classes” owing to the fact that it brings forth the principles of object-oriented programming, like the utilization of defined classes, to the framework of the C programming language. With time, C++ has stayed a very practical language not limited to just computer programming but in introducing new programmers regarding the working of object-oriented programming. Nevertheless, it does not only back object-oriented, but also procedural and functional. Owing to its elevated scalability and flexibility, C++ can be utilized to create a wide range of applications, browsers, software, GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), OSs (operating systems), games and many more. Now, C++ is still very admired for its impressive portability which lets programmers create programs that can operate on various operating systems or platforms very efficiently. Though being a middle-end language C++ is still close to C it can be utilized for low-level manipulation owing to its close relation with machine language.

Features of C++ 

Features of C++

Let us take a look at the features of C++

1. Machine Independent

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A C++ executable is machine-independent and not platform-independent (compiled programs on Linux won’t operate on Windows). Let us comprehend this characteristic of C++ with this instance. Let’s say you have documented a piece of code that can operate on OSes like Linux, Windows/Mac, which makes C++ machine-independent but the executable file of the C++ cannot operate on other operating systems.

2. Simple

C++ is a simple language, programs can be broken down into logical units and it has rich library support and a myriad of data types. Also, C++’s auto Keyword makes life simple.

The auto keyword

The idea of the auto was to create the C++ compiler to figure out the data type while compiling rather than making you declare the data type every time. You have to keep in mind that without an initializer you cannot declare something. There has to be some way for the compiler to deduce your type.

3. High-Level Language

Unlike C which is a mid-level programming language, C++, on the other hand, is a high-level language. It makes life simple to work in C++ as it is closely linked with the human-comprehensible English language.

4. Popular

C++ can be the base language for several other programming languages that backs the object-oriented programming feature. Bjarne Stroustrup found the first object-oriented language ever called Simula 67, which lacked simulations, and decided to design C++.

5. Case-sensitive

It is quite evident that C++ is a very case-sensitive programming language. For instance, cin is utilized to take input from the input stream, but the “Cin” won’t work.

6. Compiler Based

C++ is a compiler-based language, which means C++ programs used to be compiled, and their executable file is made to execute it. Owing to this, C++ is a comparatively faster language than Java and Python.

7. Dynamic Memory Allocation

When the program runs in C++ then the variables are assigned the dynamical heap space. Within the functions, the variables are allotted in the stack space. Several times, we might not be aware of how much memory is required to keep particular pieces of information in a defined variable and the size of needed memory can be specified at run time.

8. Memory Management

C++ lets us allot the memory of a variable or an array during the run time. This is regarded as Dynamic Memory Allocation. In other programming languages like Python and Java, the compiler handles the memories allocated to variables automatically. But such is not the case in C++. In C++, the memory has to be de-allocated dynamically allocated memory manually after it is of no use. The allocation and deallocation of the memory can be performed with the help of the new and delete operators respectively.

C++ Projects 

The best way to kick start your career with any language is to create a few practice projects in them. Looking through a book imparts some knowledge worth having, but that will help you learn real skills. The best way to learn more about the features of the C++ function is to work on a few basic projects. One thing that most learners have a problem with is choosing their first C++ project out of all project ideas. These beginner-level projects can assist newbies to understand the basics of the C++ programming language and create a resume worthy of showing recruiters. The intermediate-level projects and expert-level projects will help experienced professionals to advance in their careers. So, mentioned below are some fun and easy C++ projects for beginners, intermediate and experienced folks.

C++ Projects for Beginners

1. Bookshop Management System Using C++

This is an excellent idea to upgrade your skills in C++. All you require to do is build an application that will let its customers add and display books. Furthermore, it will help the customers to change their books by implementing modifications to them or adding or deleting pages. Create an application that will be user-friendly and effortless to access and use. It also lets users check and buy their favorite books anytime, anywhere with one click. But you have to be very mindful of your graphics as it is the major part of your bookshop management system application.

You can download the Source code here

2. Bank Management System In C++

This is a very common project and can make you a pro in C++, all you have to do is

  • Open an account
  • Show account details
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Search and exit.

This project will let you understand the fundamentals of banking apps. In a nutshell, you can say that this primary C++ project is going to familiarize you with data adjustment, how to add, modify or delete any filed record. Hence, it is a very crucial project that can enhance your mastery of C++.

You can download the Source Code here.

3. Student Record Management System

By building this project, you will comprehend the basics of the input and output course. Furthermore, this C++ project structure will help you in knowing about the system of file management. The program designed by you will be ready to accumulate all the students’ data and information correctly. This data can be any information related to the student, their personal information, academic records, roll number, etc. This project will teach you how to tackle wrong inputs.

You can download the Source Code here.

4. Contact Management System Using C++

Contact Management System

The contact management system and bank management system both are quite similar. You can effortlessly develop a system where you will be able to incorporate and delete contact details. The system will let customers add contacts, with names and email addresses. The end result of this project will be an application similar to a phonebook application. This project will acquaint with you major data handling and data structuring.

You can download the Source Code here.

5. Car Rental System In C++

Car Rental System

Every one of us is grateful for car rental systems like Ola and Uber.

Such apps have made our life more effortless. There is no speck of doubt that these systems are performing great on their end, but these apps ought to have some more up-gradations. Improving and modifying those apps with the exact principle, and employing top-level codons can be an excellent C++ project that can guide you to learn many new things for sure. You can make use of Format text files in C++ to accumulate Cab and the customer’s GPS coordinate within a certain radius.

Furthermore, these types of applications should have the flexibility of modifications and new updates with time.

You can download the Source Code here.

6. Credit Card Validator

In this digital world where e-commerce is ruling, credit cards are a must-have. Most payment gateways utilize some kind of validation mechanism for credit card data before they proceed with the payment. What if there exists a software to accomplish this validation from the get-go? The validation operates differently for different cards, so deciding what type of card it is and then inspecting if the number entered is a valid credit card number or not is the way to go.

If things turn to be a bit too tricky from the get-go, it’s okay to enforce a drop-down or menu for choosing which kind of card to check against. This project is quite simplistic in terms of design but will need some knowledge of algorithms if one proceeds with creating it.

You can download the Source Code here.

Intermediate C++ Projects

7. Sudoku Game

Sudoku Game

Most games are designed with the help of game engines. The game engine is the framework available in all programming languages. 

Sudoku is available on every phone and laptop, considered one of the favorite games, especially by those who take interest in solving number puzzles. In this game, the idea of backtracking is employed. The only thing in this project is to understand the method of backtracking to look for those rows and columns that are initially blank. 

You can download the Source Code here.

8. Trading Application Project In C++

Trading Application Project

Nowadays numerous businesses are deviating to the stock exchange and online trading. As we all know, trading can transform your life in seconds for better or worse. News channels keep updating about the rise and fall in values. With C++, an amazing application can be created, which will be synchronized within a few minutes, and you can receive real statistical analysis. Also, you can incorporate features including comment section, advisory section, and any other feature that lets customers say what they feel about current stats.

You can download the Source Code here.

9. Casino Number Guessing Game

Casino Number Guessing Game

A casino number guessing game involves guessing numbers. It gives each player to deposit a certain amount of money to make a bet. The whole amount of money is given to the winner at the end, and the winner is the one who guesses the right number. If you have knowledge of C++, this project can teach more, like user-defined process, input validation, library operation, and many other things.

You can download the Source Code here.

10. Sales Management System

Sales Management System

The sales management system can be the most promising C++ project as it is ideal for learning many new things. It comprises different classes and sub-classes that further involve different features and functions related to items entry, items recording, billing etc.
The main aim of this project is to design a system through which we can manage customer information, delivery details, stock details etc.

There are mainly three such objectives:

  • Contribution of profits
  • Continuous growth
  • Sales volume

With the help of this C++ project, you will understand and practice a lot of attributes and functions. Also, the project is quite simple to learn and enhance your skills.

You can download the Source Code here. 

11. Face Detection App with C++

This project has so much to offer and it is great fun too. It makes use of the OpenCV library for face detection. The code structure grasps the face within a few seconds. 

You can download the Source Code here. 

12. Digital Calculator

The most effortless C++ project to get started with is a calculator. This project is particularly GUI-driven, making it easy to execute. This project will be a menu-driven program in which the outputs will be given by the user. It assists to strengthen some of the fundamental concepts of C++, particularly relating data types and decision-making statements.

The project requires validation for the inputs so that the calculation only takes place if the inserted data is numerical by nature. Furthermore, there’s some concept of data handling of a particular size. The larger the number, the larger the data type required to handle it. Tackling it properly will also need some skills that will go a long way in enabling one to secure an internship/job in the future.

You can download the Source code here.

13. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic Tac Toe

C++ is utilized for the making of most gaming software around the planet. The world’s most effective gaming engine, the Unreal Engine, is backed by C++. No doubt designing an easy game in C++ will assist you to flaunt your skills in a big way. Tic-Tac-Toe isn’t very hard to incorporate. Nevertheless, it does help one make use of some of the algorithms that one had learned before. You have to come up with the logic for selecting the winner at the same time, continuously changing players when one player has played their move. Use the socket library to turn the game into a multiplayer game, and it can ve played over the internet by two players. 

You can download the Source code here.

C++ Projects for Experts

14. Academic Search Engine

This search engine project was designed to offer appropriate academic data and records in colleges and universities. It functions just like any other notable academic search engine, letting students look for academic information on the basis of titles and keywords. You’ll document with the QT design tool on a Linux platform. This project will assist you to learn about different search modes, project organization, and memory management.

15. Bike Race Game

Bike Race Game

This particular application game lets you practice C++ programming and SDL features. The SDL will help you enhance the game’s aesthetics and design features that are precise and user-defined. The source code of the game is uncomplicated to comprehend and operate by programmers. The project will help you improve your knowledge of commands, syntax, functions, structures, and file handling in C++.

You can download the Source Code here.

16. 3D Bounce Ball Game

Bounce Ball Game

This project is an easy console application gaming project and is a fine demonstration of Open Graphics Library and C++ programming. The source code for the game is in project format, which implies that it has different C++ files, and every user-defined header file and function. A few of the C++ files in the projects include main.cpp and class.cpp.

You can download the Source Code here.

17. Payroll Management System 

Payroll Management System

This is a sample project that lets you test your mastery in monitoring and handling employees’ payroll matters for any company. This is beneficial for financial management and companies. The project has different classes and subclasses with several features in them. 

You can download the Source Code here.

18. Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking System

Another user-friendly system featuring a centralized database programming process is hotel booking system. This C++ hotel management project offers different functions ranging from checking users’ details, booking a room, revising users’ information, and reviewing allotted rooms. The project will allow you to learn two critical C++ concepts: file handling and classes.

You can download the Source Code here.

19. Digital Piano

Digital Piano

The project idea is to design a GUI-based project where you can play a virtual piano to your heart’s content. This project may look easy, but a lot of concepts are applied which are quite complex. Incorporation of asynchronous functions along with dealing with the different audio libraries will take some time. Asynchronous code also enables to clear one’s concepts about multithreading, an essential concept in today’s programming world. This project helps to strengthen one’s resume beyond belief. To make it more interesting, try to create a function that records the tunes played on the piano. This rigorously puts the understanding of audio functions acquired from creating the project to the test, at the same time needs file handling to dump the recordings to the hard disk. This project will make you stand apart.

You can download the Source Code here.

20. Address Book

This project will help your resume look good as well as will boost your fundamentals of data structures. All you need to do is incorporate the functionality to add, edit, or delete data from the address book. The project will need some understanding of data structures along with how to manipulate and work with them. You can connect the project to a database in the background for accumulating details there. 

You can download the Source Code here.


In today’s world, C++ is one of the most pertinent programming languages. Nevertheless, understanding it can be a bit challenging for beginners, hence the projects will help you master it. Above mentioned C++ project ideas could demonstrate to be most suitable for you to learn something new and exciting. You can select the one that thrills you more and guides you extra. Few are easy, and few are a bit tricky, but your job is to tinker with every project to explore your hidden skills and talents. These projects also help if you nail your dream job.


1. Is C++ better than Python?

Answer: Overall, Python is better than C++ owing to its simplicity and easy syntax. On the other hand, C++ is better when it comes to performance, speed, vast application areas, etc.

2. What can I develop with C++?

Answer: C++ can be used in

  • Operating systems
  • Game development 
  • Web browsers
  • Machine learning 
  • Databases
  • IoT devices

3. What are some beginner C++ projects not mentioned in the article?

Answer: Some beginner-level C++ projects are

  • Dating Applications.
  • Employee Management System.
  • Trading Software.
  • Billing System.
  • Intuitive Gadgets.
  • Traffic Management System.
  •  Security Systems

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