SEO Best Practices               Every Web Developer               Should Know


Ensure proper indexing by adding sitemaps to your website. Check for 404 errors and clean code in your XML sitemap for better SEO.



What does it take to become a web developer?



Craft SEO-friendly URLs that are clear, keyword-rich, and free of special characters. Structured URLs improve user experience and search ranking.

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Beware of faulty robots.txt files that can hinder website indexing. Use robots.txt wisely to control bot crawls.

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Master 301 and 302 redirects for website migrations. Test redirect codes meticulously to preserve SEO authority during transitions.

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Response Codes

Implement the right server response codes for better user experience. Eliminate unnecessary redirects to streamline navigation.

What are the skills and tools required to become  a web developer?


Loading Speed

Optimize loading speed to meet Google's standards. Faster pages rank higher and retain user engagement.

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Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as mobile-first indexing is crucial for SEO success.

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Prioritize website security with SSL and vulnerability checks. Unsecured sites harm user experience and search engine trust.

How to become a web developer?



Manage on-page elements like images, videos, and media to maintain page loading speed and site structure.

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How to prepare for web development interviews?

Search Structured Data

Implement structured data markup to help search engines understand your content and improve ranking. A fusion of content and UX that's essential for SEO.

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