Useful Markdown Syntaxes for Developers


Title or subject indicators for content.   - Headings using #  ## Heading2    - Using HTML syntax <h2>Heading 2</h2>

1. Markdown Headings

Emphasize text by making it bold. Example-     - Method 1:  *Hello*   - Method 2:  <em>Hello</em>

2. Markdown Bold

Cross out a text to indicate removal or deletion. Example-    ~~The text is struck~~

3. Strike-through

Hyperlinked words that redirect users to other pages. Example-   [Link1] (

4. Inline Link

Sequentially ordered items in a list. Syntax-  1. Element 1  2. Element 2  3. Element 3

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5. Ordered Lists

Bulleted items in a list. Syntax with asterisk(*)-   * Element 1  * Element 2  * Element 3

6. Unordered Lists

Track tasks with checkboxes for completion. Example:   - [x] Buy Eggs.  - [ ] Buy Milk.  - [ ] Wash Clothes.

7. Creating Task Lists

Embed images directly into the page. Syntax:  ![alt text](

8. Inline Style

Insert GIFs using Markdown. Syntax:  <img src="" />

9. Adding GIFs

Line separators for visual division. Can be created using hyphens(-), an asterisk(*) or underscores (_). Example:  --- ***  ___

10. Horizontal Rule

Hidden text for documentation or notes. Example:   <!-- This is a comment. -->


Raised or lowered text characters. Example:  Subscript <sub>Example.</sub>  Superscript <sup>Example.</sup>

12. Markdown Superscript and Subscript

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