3 Methods to Reverse a String

Learn How to Reverse a String with Simple Techniques

It involves changing the order of characters in a string from the original sequence to a new sequence. It is often used in algorithms & data structures to solve complex problems.

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Reversing a string

Given a string S. The task is to reverse the string. This may seem like a simple task, but it can have significant implications for more complex programs.

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Problem Statement

Example- Input: S = “SCALER”  Output: RELACS

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1. Use a recursive function that takes 2 pointers, left & right.  2. If left < right, swap S[left] and S[right], and call the recursive function with (left + 1, right + 1).  3. Terminate the loop when left >= right.

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Approach 1: Recursion – In Place

Time Complexity: O(N), where N = string length.  Space Complexity: O(N), since the recursion stack takes space.

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To solve the problem, use the two pointers method, with one pointer at the start of string & another at the end. The process is continued, till both the pointers don’t coincide.

Approach 2: Two Pointers

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Time Complexity: O(N), where N = string length. Space Complexity: O(1), since no extra space is used.

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Programming languages have unique library functions that perform specific features. For example, C++ has a reverse function in algorithm header file that can reverse string/array.

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Approach 3: Using in-built functions

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