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Types of Computer Networks & their Use Cases


1. Local Area Network (LAN): The In-House Heroes

LAN bring people together like never before! Whether at home or in the office, LANs ensure seamless sharing of resources & lightning-fast communication. Get ready to connect!

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2. Wide Area Network (WAN): Bridging the Distance

Breaking geographical barriers, WAN connect the world. From MNCs to internet itself, WAN enable global communication & empower businesses to reach new horizons.

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3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): Urban Connections

City dwellers rejoice! MANs weave their web across metropolitan areas, linking schools, hospitals, & government offices. Experience inter connections that keeps our cities buzzing!

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4. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN): Unleash the Freedom

Cut the cords & embrace the wireless revolution! WLANs grant you the liberty to roam  & stay connected, whether you're in a coffee shop, airport, or even your own backyard.

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5. Campus Area Network (CAN): Knowledge Unchained

CANs are the powerhouses of education! Universities & research institutions harness their might to foster collaboration, fuel innovation, & unleash boundless potential of learning.

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6. Storage Area Network (SAN): Data's Secret Lair

Behold the hidden vault of data storage! SANs house vast amounts of info, empowering businesses to store, retrieve, and safeguard their digital treasures. Secrets await within!

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7. Virtual Private Network (VPN): Security at Your Fingertips

Step into the cloak of online anonymity! VPNs shield your digital footprint, keeping your sensitive data safe from prying eyes. Explore the world wide web with peace of mind.

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