A  Complete Guide to Becoming a Big Data Engineer

Step-by-Step Guide

Engineers who design and develop big data pipelines, collect data from different sources and organize it into sets for analysts and data scientists to work with.

Who is a Big Data Engineer?

Demand for Big Data Engineer

Data expansion and accelerated processing have led to problems. Data volume, speed, inconsistencies, and different data formats are all factors that have pushed demand for big data engineers upward.

Responsibilities of Data Engineer

1. Design  big data engineer architecture platform.   2. Improve performance by monitoring infrastructure.  3. Maintain data pipeline.  4. Manage integration tools, databases, warehouses, and analytical systems.

Career Opportunities

1. Data Architect  2. BI Architect  3. Senior Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer: How to Become One?

1. Obtain relevant degree  2. Learn DSA, SQL, etc.  3. Proficiency in programming languages (Python, Java Scala, etc.)  4. Big Data tools (Apache Hadoop, Spark and Kafka)  5. Learn distributed Systems

Big Data Engineer Skills

1. Hadoop v2, MapReduce, and HDFS.  2. Working of Spark NoSQL databases like HBase, MongoDB, etc.  3. ETL frameworks  4. Messaging systems, like Kafka 5. Big Data ML toolkits like Mahout, SparkML, etc.

Average Salary of Big Data Engineer

Big Data engineers earn an average salary of ₹7,22,000/yr. However, it may differ based on various factors, such as experience, location, employer, and skills.

How to create an effective Big Data Engineer Resume?

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