A  Complete Guide to Becoming a Cloud Engineer

Step-by-Step Guide

IT Professionals who design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure on a regular basis, as well as communicate with end users.

Who is a Cloud Engineer?

Demand for Cloud Engineers

With increasing use of cloud technology and companies migrating to cloud, cloud engineers are in high demand. The pay scale varies depending on experience level for this job.

Responsibilities of Cloud Engineers

1. Develop, architect, and deploy cloud-native apps.  2. Create enterprise solutions based on business and technical needs.  3. Regularly review and modify existing system.  4. Identify and fix deployment issues.

Cloud Engineer Skills

1. Expertise in cloud database management, MySQL, and Hadoop.  2. Understand types of clouds. 3. Basic knowledge of Linux OS. 4. Programming skills in SQL, .NET, Python, etc.

5. Network management skills. 6. Be familiar with Docker Kubernetes, and containerization. 7. Knowledge of open standards like XML, SOAP, WSDL, etc. Security and recovery skills.

1. Obtain relevant degree  2. Acquire cloud computing skills 3. Get hands-on experience through projects or internships  4. Obtain a certification from a professional cloud provider

Cloud Engineer: How to become one?

1. Solution Architect  2. Cloud Developer  3. Cloud Network Engineer  4. Cloud System Engineer  5. System Operation Engineer

Cloud Engineer Roles/Job Designation

Top Companies hiring Cloud Engineers

1. Google  2. Oracle  3. Amazon  4. Cisco Systems  5. UKG(Ultimate Kronos Group)  6. ZScaler  7. IBM, etc.

How to Prepare for Cloud Engineer Interviews?

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