A  Complete Guide to Becoming a QA Engineer

Step-by-Step Guide

Professionals who test and audit software and hardware products to ensure they meet stringent quality standards.

Who is a QA Engineer?

Demand for QA Engineers

QA engineers are in high demand given the demand for multi-functional, quality software. With advancement of technology, all sectors are impacted, thereby increasing the demand for QA.

Responsibilities of QA Engineers

1. Develop procedures and standards for developers. 2. Implement automated and manual test scripts to find software issues.  3. Monitoring QA metrics, such as defect density and open defects.

Average Salary of QA Engineers

In India, the average salary of a QA Engineer is approximately ₹385,530/yr; however, it may differ based on various factors, such as experience, location, employer, and skills.

QA Engineer: How to become one?

1. Obtain relevant degree  2. Acquire  relevant technical expertise (TFS, SOAP UI, SQL scripts, etc.)  3. Develop Analytical skills Strong communication skills  4. Knowledge of software testing tools

Top Companies hiring QA Engineers

1. TCS  2. Google  3. Cisco systems  4. Apple  5. IBM  Cognizant  6. Technology Solutions  7. Amazon  8. Oracle

How to Prepare for QA Engineer Interviews?

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