A  Complete Guide to Becoming a .NET Developer

Step-by-Step Guide

Experts at creating, designing, and implementing software applications using .NET platform technologies. Developers can now build applications for mobile, desktop, web, IoT, etc.

Who is a .NET Developer?

Demand for .NET Developers

1. Platform for building front-end & back-end pf apps.   2. As an open-sourcce .NET supports web, desktop, gaming, ML apps, etc.   3. Used by Microsoft, Siemens, and many other industries.

Responsibilities of .NET Developers

1. Create software apps using .NET infrastructure  2. Improve existing codes.  3. Develop test runs for your code. 4. Check for errors and fix them.  5. Learn latest technologies and framework updates.

.NET Developer Skills

1. Database like Oracle, SQL, etc.  2. Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  3. Knowledge of AST Framework.  4. Microsoft's certification program for .NET skills.  5. Expertise in cloud computing.

Average Salary of .NET Developer in India

In India, the average salary of a .NET developer is approximately ₹415,701/yr; however, it may differ based on various factors, such as experience, location, employer, and skills.

.NET Developer: How to become one?

1. Obtain relevant degree  2. Basic knowledge of .NET Core, .Net Framework, Xamarin.Mono, .NET Standard  3. Proficiency in programming languages (C#, C++, JAVA, etc.)  4. Choose you speciality (web, desktop, etc.)

How to create an effective .NET Developer Resume?

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