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Want to know about SAP architecture and how it helps in building a more secure and reliable platform for running business processes? Let's dive in together —>>

Introduction to SAP (Systems Application Program)

A global leader in providing software solutions that enable organizations to process data efficiently and communicate information effectively. It is a B2B application development platform.

SAP architecture refers to the overall design and structure of SAP systems, including the components and technologies that make up the system.

SAP Architecture

SAP systems are based on a three-tier model, consisting of the presentation, application, and database layers. Let's explore each —>>

1. Presentation Layer  The presentation layer is the user interface, where data is input and output. It includes SAP GUI, Web GUI, and other front-end tools.

2. Application Layer  The application layer is where business logic is processed. It includes the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and the SAP Business Suite.

3. Database Layer  The database layer is where data is stored and managed. It includes various database management systems such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, and IBM DB2.

SAP architecture is designed to support needs of businesses by providing a robust, scalable, & flexible system for managing enterprise data & processes. But how does it work?

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