A Quick Guide to Computer Network Types

All you need to know

Have you ever stopped to think about how your computer connects to the internet or shares resources with other devices? The answer is through computer networks!

Computer networks have been an integral part of our lives, powering industries and households for decades. Are you ready to learn more about these amazing technological marvels?

Introduction to Computer Network

There are different types of computer networks, each with its unique characteristics and applications.

Types of Computer Networks

Did you know that you can create your private computer network just by using your everyday devices? Introducing PAN. It’s a computer network existing in vicinity of an individual.

1. PAN (Personal Area Network)

Looking to connect multiple devices within a specific area? LAN is here to help. It's a computer network that connects devices within a limited geographical range.

2. LAN (Local Area Network)

Need to connect multiple LANs within a larger area? MAN has got you covered.  It’s a collection of interconnected LANs across a metropolitan area, using technologies like fibre optics.

3. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

Need to connect multiple LANs or MANs over long distances? WAN is the solution. It interconnects several LANs or MANs, facilitating data transmission over long distances.

4. WAN (Wide Area Network)

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