The Linux Architecture

Everything you need to know

Operating systems serve as interfaces between computer hardware and its users. Several software applications are running on OS to manage the hardware resources on computer.

Linux is an open-source operating system based on Linux kernel. It include bootloaders, graphical servers, daemons, desktop environments, and application software.

Introduction to Linux OS

The Linux operating system consists of four components-

Linux Architecture

1. Kernel Kernel is a core component of any OS (Linux) that directly interacts with hardware. It hides trivial hardware or application strategies through an appropriate abstraction.

Are you familiar with the various kernel types?

2. System libraries  These libraries can be specified as some special functions. These functions are implemented by the OS and require no code access rights on kernel module.

1. Google Chrome  2. Browser Steam  3. WordPress Desktop Client  4. VLC Media Player 5. Atom Text Editor 6. GIMP Photo Editor, etc.

Applications of Linux

Find out what Linux has to offer by exploring its various features.