A Quick Guide to Top JavaScript Frameworks

Known as a progressive Javascript framework, this framework works on a model-view-viewmodel basis, which separates the user interface from the logic.

1. Vue.js

As one of the most powerful and efficient frameworks for developing single-page applications, Angular extends HTML and interprets the bindings of attributes.

2. Angular

This component-based framework provides complete client-side solutions and provides the right flow for web applications with two-way data binding.

3. Ember.js

The framework simplifies the development of interactive user interfaces and follows a one-way data binding flow, which makes the entire process feasible.

4. React

The latest, next-generation flexible framework for building robust websites. It combines Javascript modules to produce powerful results.

5. Aurelia

Framework that integrates complex server-side functionalities with APIs to help write very small code.  It is mostly used in the development of single-page websites.

6. Backbone.js

You can build a backend, database management, business logic, frontend rendering, and more. It comprehends multiple effects alone, so no combination of frameworks is required.

7. MeteorJS

Check out these JavaScript frameworks and see what they have to offer.

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