Top PHP Frameworks 

A Quick Guide

A popular framework with many built- in features, making it an ideal tool for modifying complex projects. Session management, caching, and authentication are some of its features.

1. Laravel

As one of the most powerful and efficient frameworks for developing single-page applications, Angular extends HTML and interprets the bindings of attributes.

2. Codeigniter

A modular component-based PHP framework that uses Twig, a fast template engine with a simple syntax, and has a built-in debugging tool to ensures that your project runs smoothly.

3. Symfony

A PHP framework from Laminas offering object-oriented, MVC-based functionality making it easy to load components you need as separate libraries. Also referred to as a glue framework.

4. Laminas Project

A PHP framework built on C and C++ that allows you to build faultless web applications. Asset management, caching, a universal autoloader, and other capabilities are also included.

5. Phalcon

A powerful framework for creating aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich websites. It is also easy to learn because of its CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) structure.

6. CakePHP

A PHP framework designed for building high-speed, contemporary online apps. Ideal for a wide range of online apps, so it's considered a universal web programming framework.

7. Yii

As a fully object-oriented framework, it can be extended with features like interfaces and inheritance. Developed using agile process, it allows for high-quality business apps.

8. Zend Framework

Check out these PHP frameworks and see what they have to offer.

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