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A Quick Guide

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Introduction to YARN

YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) is a resource management and job scheduling system in Apache Hadoop. It’s responsible for allocating resources to apps running on a Hadoop cluster & managing their execution.

YARN consists of multiple components such as Resource Manager, Node Manager, Containers, and Application Master, which work together to manage resources and schedule Hadoop jobs.

Hadoop YARN Architecture and Component

1. The Resource Manager  The Resource Manager is the central authority that manages resources and schedules tasks across the cluster.

2. The Node Manager  The Node Manager is responsible for allocating tasks to data nodes, based on the hardware specifications of each node.

3. Containers  Containers are the basic unit of resource allocation in YARN, they run tasks and manage the resources required for them.

4. Application Master  The Application Master is responsible for coordinating with the Resource Manager and Node Manager to schedule and execute tasks.

1. Maintains compatibility with Hadoop 1.0 & does not affect map-reduce application.  2. YARN facilitates dynamic cluster utilization.  3. Also, multi-tenancy for better resource management.

Features of YARN Architecture

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