The Hive Architecture

Everything you need to know

Facebook developed Apache Hive to eliminate need to write MapReduce Java programs. Hive programs are written in Hive Query language.

Introduction to Hive

A Hive query can replace complicated Java MapReduce programs with structured and semi-structured data analysis. It makes it simple to perform tasks various tasks.

What are the various features of Hive?

Apache Hive software system is a large and complex one. It has various components-

Hive Architecture

1. Hive Client With Hive drivers, you can perform queries on Hive using any language, including Python, Java, C++, or Ruby. It is therefore possible to design a hive client in any language.

2. Hive Services  Hive has a large number of services available, including the Hive server2, Beeline, and many others.

Depending upon the number of data nodes in Hadoop, hives can operate in two ways-  - Local mode   - Map-reduce mode

Different Modes of Hive

Learn how to use Apache Hive to process data.