OSI Security Architecture

Everything you need to know

Computers communicate over a network to share data & resources easily. This info is usually private & should not be visible to others, so security is very crucial in computer networking.

OSI Security model comes in handy here. Let's explore OSI security and its architecture.

A standard for data security that identifies attacks on a system. Also, it identifies various security services and mechanisms to implement those services in various layers of the OSI model.

Introduction to OSI Security Model

A security attack is an attempt to compromise the security of a system. These attacks can be successful or unsuccessful, and can be either active or passive.

1. Security Attacks

Security services are those that are used to maintain security. A security service can be divided into five major categories. What are they?

2. Security Services

3. Security Mechanisms

Security mechanisms help set up security services in various layers of the OSI model and identify any attacks or data breaches.

Find out what the OSI security model has to offer.