Unix Architecture

Unlock the inner workings of Unix

Are you a software developer or just curious about how your favorite operating system works? Dive into the world of Unix, the groundbreaking operating system that paved the way for many others!

What is Unix Operating System?

Unix is an operating system that acts as an interface between users and hardware. It divides the operating system into a kernel and shell for resource allocation and user interaction.

Features of Unix

 - A multitasking and multiuser operating system.   - Filled with powerful tools and small, easily-pipelined commands.   - Easy programming and comprehensive documentation.

Unix Architecture

Discover the power of Unix with its four-layer architecture, starting with the hardware and working up to the user-friendly application programs.

1. Kernel  The kernel is the heart of Unix, responsible for managing processes and files and acting as an interface between the user and hardware.

2. Shell  The shell serves as the bridge between the user and kernel, interpreting commands and requesting their execution. Choose from three different shell options: Bourne, C, and Korn.

Types of Unix

 - Solaris   - Darwin   - Mac-OS   - IBM AIX   - HP-UX

Discover full potential of Unix with a comprehensive overview of its architecture.

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