Computer Network Components 

An Overview

Interconnection of two or more computing devices that communicate and exchange data with each other. It can be IoT devices, tablets, laptops, etc., connected wirelessly or by wire.

Introduction to Computer Network

Components of Computer Network

In computer networks, components refer to hardware, software, mediums, etc., that make it possible for computing devices to communicate with each other successfully.

3 Components of Computer Network

Computing devices that receive and transmit data over a network. Example – Laptop, Smartphone, Routers,  etc.

1. Node

1. End Nodes  A node that is either the starting point or ending point of a communication. Example: Computers, VoIP phones, network printers, Security Cameras, etc.

Types of Nodes

2. Intermediary Nodes  Also known as routing nodes, they serve as mediators for transferring messages or data between nodes. Examples: Repeaters, HUB, Bridge, Switch, Routers, Brouters, etc.

The medium through which a signal is transmitted between two nodes. Also referred to as a link between nodes.

2. Media

1. Wired Media  Also called guided media, it is a physical wire that allows a connection between the nodes. Examples: Twisted pair cables, Coaxial cables, etc.

Types of Media

2. Wireless Media  Also known as unguided media, wireless media transmits data without physical wires. Data is transmitted over the air.

Computer networks provides many services we use extensively every day, like e-mail, online games, storage, file sharing, video conferencing, instant messaging, etc.

3. Services

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