Kafka Architecture

A Detailed Explanation

Kafka is a distributed architecture capable of processing messages with greater volume and velocity. Designed to handle millions of messages per second from real-time applications.

Introduction to Kafka Architecture

Key APIs of the Apache Kafka Architecture

1. Producer API -  An application can publish a stream of records to a Kafka topic.

2. Consumer API -  Applications can subscribe to one or more topics and process the records generated to them.

3. Streams API -  Apps can convert input streams into output streams by consuming input streams from a topic and producing output streams from output topics.

4. Connector API -  Connect Kafka topics to existing apps or data systems.

Kafka cluster architecture consists of multiple components: 1. Broker  2. Controller  3. Partitions  4. Consumer  5. Producer 

Kafka Cluster Architecture

6. Topic  7. Zookeeper (phasing out)  8. Schema registry

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