The Network Architecture

Everything you need to know

It describes how network devices and services are arranged to serve client connectivity requirements. A network consists of two or more interconnected computer systems.

What is Network Architecture?

1. Private  Networks: It must be monitored regularly to ensure that there are no threats being introduced into network that can be exploited to cause damage. It require more detailed monitoring and maintenance.

Types of Network Architecture

2. Public  Networks: Cloud-based services have capabilities and performance that traditional software cannot match. Additionally, maintaining computing and networking systems is easier.

A successful digital network architecture requires optimized building blocks. It includes:    - Hardware   - Transmission Media   - Protocols   - Topology

Network Architecture Design

1. System encryption also helps protect information.  2. Language, team of developers, process, tools, and so on are all factors to consider.

Advantages of Network Architecture

3. Extensive procedure is broken down into smaller steps, & each step is handled by all components.  4. Modern technology allows any child who is interested in technology to join network.

Network Architecture has some Disadvantages as well.