Selenium Architecture

A Comprehensive Guide

An open-source framework for automating web application testing, and is deal for automating functional and regression test cases. It supports cross-browser testing across various OS.

What is Selenium?

What is Selenium WebDriver?

As of now, Selenium WebDriver is the most popular tool in Selenium tool suite. Selenium 2 integrated with WebDriver API provides an understandable programming interface.

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

1. Selenium Client Library  A programming library that contains commands in the form of external jar files that are compatible with the W3C and Selenium protocols.

2. Selenium API  Set of rules and regulations used by programs to communicate with each other. API function as interface between programs and facilitate  interaction without any user knowledge.

3. JSON Wire protocol  Selenium WebDriver use JSON to communicate between client libraries and drivers. JSON request from client is converted into HTTP request for server to understand, then back to JSON for client.

4. Browser Drivers  Browser drivers act as a bridge between Selenium libraries and browsers, and help to run Selenium commands on browsers.

5. Browser  Selenium test scripts can be run across various browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and operating systems like Solaris, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Find out what Selenium WebDriver Architecture has to offer.

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