Spring Boot Architecture

A Quick Overview

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Introduction to Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a variant of Spring framework that includes 3rd-party libraries, embedded HTTP servers, & Spring framework itself. It's used to create standalone, high-quality apps that rely on Spring framework.

Features of Spring Boot

 - Spring Initializer   - Spring CLI   - Autoconfiguration   - Externalized Configuration

Spring Boot Architecture

Spring Boot uses a hierarchical architecture in which each layer communicates with the layer immediately below or above it ( hierarchical structure). Lets check out these layers --->>

1. Presentation Layer  The presentation layer handles authentication, HTTP requests, and more. It also interprets JSON,  and after authentication, it enters the business layer for further processing.

2. Business Layer  The business layer is where all business logic happens, including validation and approval of business decisions. Only admins can modify customer accounts, for example. 

3. Persistence Layer  The persistence layer handles all storage logic, including database queries, and translates between database rows and company items. Learn about the other layers in Spring Boot now.

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