An Overview of the Different Types of CSS

All you need to know

Introduction to CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a language used to describe the appearance of webpages, including layout, font, color, animations, etc., making the website visually stunning.

Understanding different types of CSS is very helpful in deciding which type to use to style our web page.

There are basically three types of CSS to use in HTML-

Types of CSS

A way of adding a unique style to a particular element. You can add a style attribute to the relevant HTML tag and then provide different styles within the style attribute.

1. Inline CSS

With internal CSS, the CSS property and value are not included in a style attribute, but rather in a curly bracket with the <style></style> tags inside the head section.

2. Internal CSS

It differs from internal CSS as styles are located in a separate file that has .css extension and then linked to the HTML using the <link> tag.

3. External CSS

Learn about CSS types and the elements used in CSS with examples.

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