System Architecture

A Detailed Explanation

What is a System Architecture Diagram?

Visual representation of a system architecture, showing connections between components and indicating their functions.

System Architecture Diagram Examples

Designed for automation testing of software or systems. It contains fed test cases that automatically test the system based on the information in the domain layer.

1. System Test Architecture Diagram

Intended for managing assignments. Database modeling is the main component that holds assignments collected from learners and assignments that would be assigned.

2. Content Assignment System Architecture Diagram

This diagram illustrates the business architecture for the E-learning System. Architecture gives us an abstract and general idea of how a system works.

3. E-Learning System Business Architecture Diagram

Benefits of Using System Architecture

1. Simplifies integration and operation while allowing you to focus on software development.  2. Clearly communicating its requirements to developers and stakeholders.

3. Illustrates how a supplier's product or service adds value to a customer. 4. Shows the present state of the system and the module dependencies.

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