Angular Cheat Sheet

A Quick Guide to mastering Angular with Essential Tips and Commands

Say Hello to Angular

A declarative JavaScript framework used to build web and mobile applications. It has a similar structure to traditional web apps but with a different syntax and approach.

From basics like Angular CLI, hooks to advanced concepts like decorators, angular directives, this cheat sheet has everything you need to master Angular.

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Angular CLI

1. Correct any form of linting errors.  ng lint my-app --fix    2. Enables the application to be accessed using SSL.  ng serve -ssl         

Angular Lifecycle Hooks

1. Handles any changes that are detected.  ngDoCheck           2. Invoked when the component’s view has been fully initialized. ngAfterViewInit

Class Decorators

1. Imports the Directive from @angular/core   import { Directive, ... }   from  '@angular/core';           2. Declares class as a pipe & provides metadata about pipe.   @Pipe({...})   class MyPipe() {}

Class Field Decorators

1. Host element property is binded to a component property.  @HostBinding('class.valid') isValid;           2. First result of query in component view is binded to the class property.  @ViewChild(myPredicate) myChildComponent;

Attribute Directives

1. Add two-way data binding to the HTML form element   NgModel           2. Add or Removed a CSS Class  NgClass

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