NMAP  Cheat Sheet

A Quick Guide to mastering NMAP with Essential Tips and Commands

Say Hello to NMAP

An open-source tool for network discovery, port scanning, & vulnerability assessment, enabling users to identify open ports, & detect potential weaknesses in servers or networks.

1. -iL : Scans a target from a file. Example: nmap -iL text.txt          2. –exclude : Exclude the listed hosts.  Example: nmap -exclude

Target Specification

Scan Techniques

1. -sT : TCP Connect Scan  Example: nmap -sT           2. -sW : TCP Window scan  Example: nmap -sW

1. -Pn : Disables host discovery and allows port scan only.  Example: nmap -Pn     2. -n : Disables DNS resolution.  Example: nmap -n

Host Discovery

1. -p- : Scan all ports.          Example: nmap -p-           2. –top-ports : Scans the top “x” ports. Example: nmap -top-ports 1015

Port Specification

1. -sV : Helps in determining the version of the service.  Example: nmap -sV   2. -A : Enables OS detection, version detection, & script scanning.  Example: nmap -A

Service and Version Detection

1. –script : Wildcard scanning. Example: nmap -script=http*           2. –script : Default scanning without intrusive scripts  Example: nmap -script "not intrusive"

NSE Scripts

1. –mtu : Set the offset size yourself. Example: nmap -mtu 32   2. –data-length : This adds random data to the sent packets. Example: nmap -data-length 200

Firewall / IDS Evasion and Spoofing

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