NumPy Cheat Sheet

A Quick Reference with Essential tips and Commands

Say Hellp to NumPY!

A Python library for scientific computing that provides multidimensional arrays & various operations like math, logic, Fourier transform, linear algebra, & statistical operations.

Why choose NumPY?

1. A powerful N-dimensional array object. 2. A sophisticated broadcasting function. 3. A tool for integrating C/C++ & Fortran code

From beginner basics to advanced concepts, this cheat sheet has everything you need to master NumPY. It is filled with handy tips & commands for quick reference.

Master NumPY with this Cheat Sheet

Importing/Exporting Commands

1. To load an array on CSV file disk.  n.load( 'my_array.npy')   2. To write your array to a Text file on disk.  n.savetxt('New_file.txt',arr,delimiter=' ')

Inspecting Properties Commands

1. Element data type in the array.  array.dtype   2. Converts arrays to python lists.  array.tolist()   3. Search for documentation of  np.eye.

Indexing, slicing and subsetting

1. Return values of the elements at index m on all rows.  array[:,m]   2. To invert values of a  boolean array.  ~array          

Vector Math Commands

1. Add values of arguments arr1 and arr2  element-wise.  n.add(array1,array2)           2. Return absolute value of each array element.  n.abs(array)         

Statistics Commands

1. Return max value of specific axis of array elements. array.max(axis=0)           2. Return variance of array elements. n.var(array)

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