Timux  Cheat Sheet

A Quick Guide to mastering Timux with Essential Tips and Commands

Say Hello to Timux

A terminal multiplexer that allows multiple terminal programs to run simultaneously in a single terminal. It offers flexible features for accessing, managing, & organizing programs.

1. Switch/select pane by number.  Ctrl + b + q 0.....9           2. To toggle pane zoom.  Ctrl + b +  z



1. Attach a session from the prompt.  tmux a   2. Kill a particular session.  tmux kill-session -t myname

1. Enter copy mode and scroll one page up.  Ctrl + b + PgUp   2. Copy the entire visible contents of the pane to a buffer.  : capture-pane

Copy Mode

1. Enable visual activity alerts.  set -g visual-activity on           2. Configure mouse support - on to enable and off to disable.  setw -g mode-mouse off/on

Configurations Options

1. Set OPTION for all windows.  : setw -g OPTION   2. Enable mouse mode.  : set mouse on


1. Show every session, window, pane, etc.  $ tmux info   2. Produce a list of key bindings(shortcuts)  $ tmux list-keys


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