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Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is a social networking platform designed for professionals, allowing them to connect with each other, find jobs, & share industry-related news & insights.

About LinkedIn

1. Enjoy benefits like fitness classes, tech gadgets, etc.  2. Free lifetime premium membership for the Linkedin platform.  3. Week-long paid shutdown at year-end. Great work culture.

Why join LinkedIn?

Linkedln Recruitment Process

1. Online Coding Round  2. Technical Interview Round 1  3. Technical Interview Round 2  4. System Design Round  5. Managerial Round

Freshers start at 20 lakhs/yr, while senior engineers earn around 30 lakh/yr. The average salary for a software engineer at LinkedIn ranges from ₹17.3 to ₹50 Lakhs.

How much does a software engineer make at LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn interview is often challenging with medium to hard-level questions. But proper preparation, effort, & research can make it worthwhile.

Is the LinkedIn interview hard?

1. Max Product Subarray  2. Edit Distance  3. Justified Text Paint House  4. Longest Palindromic  5. Subsequence

LinkedIn Coding Interview Questions

1. Short & effective resume with best practices. 2. Practice DS & Algorithm.  3. Review commonly asked interview questions. 4. Brush up on fundamental subjects. 5. Conduct mock interviews.

Tips for LinkedIn Interview Preparation

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This comprehensive guide will help you prepare for all aspects of the interview process.

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