Artificial Intelligence Specialist Salary in India

How much can you expect?

Engineers who simulate computer to make decisions based on prior data and an understanding of parameters. Their expertise lies in AI technologies and platforms.

Who is an Artificial Intelligence Specialist?

AI Specialist Salary: Pay By Experience

An entry level AI Specialist may earn a package of ₹6,00,000/yr, and those with 5+ years of experience earn around ₹30-50 Lakhs/yr. Salary increases as you progress through career.

AI Specialist Salary: Pay By Location

Location plays a vital role in how much a AI Specialist earn.    Bangalore - ₹8.80LPA/yr  Chennai - ₹7.32LPA/yr  Mumbai - ₹6.44LPA/yr

AI Specialist Salary: Pay By Job Role

The pay scale for AI Specialists varies according to their role.  Principal Data Scientist - ₹17,11,180/yr  Computer Scientist - ₹16,24,615/yr  ML Scientist - ₹9,50,000/yr 

Top Companies hiring AI Specialists

1. Google  2. Apple  3. Accenture  4. Amazon  5. IBM  6. Microsoft

How much does a AI Specialist make in other countries?

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