AWS Architect Salary in India

How much can you expect?

AWS Architects help organizations design and implement cloud solutions, work with customers to understand their requirements and build the most efficient and effective solution.

Who is an AWS Architect?

AWS Architect Salary: Pay By Experience

AWS Architect with less than 1 years of experience may earn ₹4,80,000/yr, and those with good experience earn around 1,800,000/yr. Salary increases as you progress through career.

AWS Architect Salary: Pay By Location

Location plays a vital role in how much a AWS Architect earn.  New Delhi - ₹7,67,000/yr Chennai - ₹6,44,000/yr Hyderabad - ₹5,51,000/yr

AWS Architect Salary: Pay By Employer

The salary of AWS Architect varies depending on the employer.   TCS-  ₹4,20,000 - ₹20,00,000/yr  Accenture - ₹4,36,000 – ₹30,00,000/yr 

AWS Architect Salary: Pay By Skill Set

The skill level of the employee is also a factor in determining pay disparities.   DevOps Engineer- ₹7,25,000/yr Solution Architect- ₹1,000,000/yr  Software Engineer- ₹6,22,000/yr 

How much does a AWS Architect make in other countries?

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