Backend Development Frameworks

Most Popular Ones

1. Flask Flask is "beginner-friendly" as it does not contain boilerplate code or dependencies that can detract from the primary task. It only offers essential components for web development.

2. Django An easy-to-use, high-level framework for facilitating rapid web development. It allows you to focus on developing your app without having to reinvent the wheel.

3. Ruby on Rails  It follows MVC architecture, which provides a default structure for web services, databases, and pages. Also, it uses web standards like XML and JSON for data transfer, etc.

4. Laravel PHP developers use Laravel to build custom web apps. It deals with several things that are difficult to build like HTML templates, authentication, and routing.

5. Express.js  It is the foundation for several other popular Node web frameworks. There are libraries for dealing with user logins, cookies, POST data, security headers, URL parameters, etc.

6. CakePHP An open-source PHP framework with MVC-like architecture. From a user's initial request to final rendered page, it provides a powerful base for handling every facet of a web app.

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