Become a Full-Stack Developer:  What Skills are Required?

Frontend Skills for a Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers are expected to possess essential front-end skills, like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. Also desirable are working knowledge of jQuery, Angular, and ReactJS.

Backend Skills for a Full Stack Developer

Backend development is a whole different ballgame, but there are many options. For backend development, developers should be familiar with PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

Database Management Systems

As full stack developers integrate client- and server-side code, they must be familiar with relational and non-relational data, storage solutions like MongoDB, and no-sql databases.

Design Fundamentals

The ability to code well isn't enough -- understanding how users interact with an application or website is essential.

Version Control System

A full-stack developer must know how to use version control systems for managing project files and tracking changes to the codebase. Subversion, Git, and Github are popular ones.


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