Become Expert  at  Python Development: Top Skills Required

1. Strong Debugging Skills

Python developers should have solid debugging skills that aid in identifying the problem's root cause and thus resolving it quickly and effectively.

2. Good Grasp of Python Frameworks

While there is no shortage of frameworks available for web development, Python web developers should be proficient in Django or Flask, the two most popular frameworks.

3. Competences in Python Core

Stepping stone to becoming a Python developer begins with a solid understanding of the core concepts of Python, such as Iterators, Generators, OOP concepts, etc.

4. Object Relational Mappers

SQLAlchemy, Django ORM, and other ORMs make connecting applications much easier, faster, and more efficient than writing SQL - so it's a great skill to have.

5. Machine Learning and AI

Those interested in data science must definitely learn about Machine Learning and AI, as well as Neural Networks, Visualizing Data, and Data Analysis.


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