Best C++ Books: Beginners and Advanced

1. A Complete Guide to Programming in C++

You'll enjoy reading this book whether you're a beginner or a pro, as it refreshes your skills. It covers concepts like OOP, designing systems, operators, pointers, and arrays from basic to advanced.

2. Beginning C++ Through Game Programming

This book introduces you to C++ from a game programming perspective. It contains simple language and step-by-step instructions specifically tailored to novice game developers.

3. The Design and Evolution of C++

The book provides amazing insights into C++ design and evolution. It is a well-organized and easy-to-read source of information that is often entertaining and informative.

4. C++ Primer Plus

The book provides an understanding of C language via informative explanations and well-explained examples. OOP, classes, exception handling, etc., are also covered in the book.

5. Effective C++

This Book details around 50+ easy-to-remember rules of thumb and best practices for C++ programmers, accompanied by their rationale, in a very accessible and enjoyable way.

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