Best C++ IDEs and Source Code Editors

A Quick Overview

Visual Studio Code

An open-source, cross-platform editor that supports several programming languages, such as C++. VS Code includes debugging, task running, syntax highlighting, code navigation, and version control.


One of the best C++ IDEs for Mac, Codeblocks supports GCC, Visual C++, and other programming languages. Profiling, code coverage, code analysis, etc., are available via customizable plugins.


A modern IDE for C and C++. Intelligent Code aid support allows focusing on what matters most. IDE features include code refactoring, smart code analysis, easy debugging, etc.


Testing and debugging in C++ is easier with its lightweight and easy-to-use features. It supports project management, code refactoring, code completion, debugging with GNU's GDB, etc.


This C++ IDE offers autocompletion, debugging, syntax highlighting, and is also suitable for Javascript and QML development. QTCreator aids GUI design and programming.


An easy-to-use IDE with features such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, debugging tools, and source navigation. Remotely managing a project is easier with Eclipse.

C++ Builder

This is a cross-platform IDE with Clang-enhanced compilers, continuous integration, version control integration, database management, and a variety of plugins.

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