Best Data Mining Project Ideas with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

This project aims to use algorithms and techniques to forecast price of houses using a variety of housing datasets. It is intended for real estate companies.

1. Housing Price Predictions

Project Ideas for Beginners

It's an online intelligent health system that provides the user with medical guidance immediately. It contains complete information about symptoms and diseases associated with it.

2. Smart Health Disease Prediction Using Naive Bayes

It enable consumers to differentiate between original and counterfeit products. Furthermore, it assists brands in combating piracy as well as helping users combat forged products.

3. Online Fake Logo Detection System

This project uses ML algorithms to distinguish and classify images of handwritten digits. Python and R, both are good languages for this project.

4. Handwritten Digit Recognition

Project Ideas for Intermediates

It allows anyone in database to add anime and share ratings, creating a data set with those ratings. It creates efficient data based on user's viewing history and sharing ratings.

5. Anime Recommendation System

It detects, evaluates, and analyzes global terrorism data and flags it for human review.  It helps to identify unorganized and unstructured pages or data that promote terrorism.

6. Evaluating and Analyzing Global Terrorism Data

Many top-notch companies, like Amazon & Netflix, use this system to recommend movies to their customers. You can choose between two approaches for this movie recommendation project.

7. Movie Recommendation System

Project Ideas for Experts

Python is used to detect breast cancer in this project. IDC_regular dataset helps in detecting the most common type of breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

8. Breast Cancer Detection

Here is a  list of Data Mining project ideas that may be of interest to you...

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