Best Deep Learning Projects with Source Code

A Quick Guide

It involves creating a image classification system for determining an image's class. For students, image categorization is an excellent way to get started with deep learning projects.

1. Image Classification Using CIFAR-10 Dataset

The dog breeds dataset is used to build a model that categorize different dog breeds based on images. Deep structure makes the model complex enough to accurately identify dogs.

2. Dog’s Breed Identification

It involves creating a model that detects the bounding boxes of the human face with high accuracy. Learn how to detect any object in an image and get started with object detection.

3. Human Face Detection

OpenCV is used to collect photos from camera and feed them into Deep Learning model to classify person’s eye as Open/Closed. Alerts driver even if eyes are closed for few seconds.

4. Drowsy Driver Detection System

Early detection of breast cancer is achieved using image classification algorithm. Automated methods are cost-effective and time-saving means of detecting subtypes of breast cancer.

5. Breast Cancer Detection using Deep Learning

It involves listening to voice to identify a person's gender. Audio clips with labels for males/females can be used to train machines to distinguish between male and female voices.

6. Gender Recognition Using Voice

This project uses OpenCV to achieve real-time image animation. The model modifies the image expression to match the person's expression in front of the camera.

7. Real-Time Image Animation

The model colorizes old movie images by taking a grayscale (black and white) image as input and outputting a colored image.

8. Coloring Old Black and White Photos

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