Best JavaScript Books Recommended by Professionals

1. Head First JavaScript Programming

Learn and master crucial JavaScript topics through various interactive readings and activities, including puzzles, riddles, games you can play , etc.

2. Effective JavaScript

JavaScript is taught using realistic and elaborative examples in this fantastic book. The book introduces readers to the dynamic, prototype-based, and weakly-typed programming language.

3. The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript

The book examines JavaScript's object-oriented nature and presents its unique implementation of inheritance and vital features. Discover secrets of how JavaScript objects function.

4. JavaScript: The Good Parts

The book offers you a detailed look at all the truly elegant parts of JavaScript, including Syntax, Functions, Inheritance, Arrays, Regular Expressions, Methods, Styles, etc.

5. JavaScript – The Definitive Guide

The book has been the go-to guide for JavaScript programmers, revealing insightful and entertaining examples of code. The book covers classes, modules, iterators, generators, etc., in detail.

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