Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Questions To Know More About Your Job Role

1. Which skills do you think your new hire must possess? 2. After some time, will my job role change? 3. When I join, what projects will I work on? 4. Is this a new role or am I replacing someone?

Questions To Build Rapport With The Interviewer

1. Is there any obstacle that you frequently face here?  2. Why did you join this company?   3. What do you like best about the organization?   4. Upon joining, will I get involved with any project?

Questions To Ask About The Company

1. What are the company goals for the next five years?  2. What makes you the most excited?   3. What are the current objectives of the company and its key results?

Questions To Ask About Future Growth Opportunities

1. Are employees rewarded for exceptional performance?   2. In what ways do you see my position growing?   3. Will I be given any training first?  4. Do you see the company growing?

Questions To Ask About Work Culture

1. Do you like the work culture here?  2. What activities do we do as a team to strengthen our bond?  3. Is there a remote working culture at this company?

What are the Questions  that you shouldn't  ask in  an interview?