Best React Projects to Build with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

A simple React application for beginners that lets users write notes and then save them by clicking the save button, and the notes will be visible within the note boxes.

1. React Notes Application

Making a simple React project using PokeAPI to pull Pokemon details or their characteristics can be really fun and easy. "Read more" buttons on Pokemon cards provide detailed info.

2. React Pokemon App using PokeAPI

A photo gallery application will be created to allow users to view, search, and store their pictures. Application will provide a great example of connecting with third-party APIs.

3. Photo Gallery Application

With React and, you can create your own WhatsApp clone apps. In this intermediate-level React project, users can create new ids to gain access.

4. React Chat Application

MERN stack can be used to create an Instagram clone. It is an advanced-level React project and requires adding all the functionalities like user login, registration, and authentication.

5. Instagram Clone

A full-stack E-commerce application can also be created using MERN stack. Registration, logging in, searching, adding items to cart, purchasing, and paying online are all possible.

6. E-Commerce Application

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