Best  System Design Courses  with Certifications

Scaler Academy’s System Design Course

It  teaches you how to transform abstract statements into practical software designs. Learn how databases, caches, message queues, and load balancers function, and how to implement them.

Software Design and Architecture Specialization by University of Alberta

This specialization teaches you how to create reusable and flexible software applications and systems by applying design ideas, patterns, and architectures. Lean to use visual notation.

Data Structures and Software Design by edX 

The course will teach you how to store and retrieve data in Java programs, determine the best data structures for the problem statement, and use in-built Java collections.

Master Object-Oriented Design in Java by Udemy

This course teaches concepts through articles and progressively challenging exercises based on the Learning By Doing approach. Learn SOLID principles and various design patterns.

SystemsExpert by

The course includes video tutorials covering topics like Caching, Proxies, Network Protocols, etc. It is regularly updated with quizzes, mock interview problems, and video lessons.

Secure Software Design Specialization by University of Colorado

This specialization teaches students how to design and maintain secure software. Various skill sets will be covered, like UML, Unit Testing, Ethics, Effective User Interfaces, etc.

Java Programming: Principles of Software Design by Duke University

It focuses on Java Programming and Software Design principles. You'll learn how to use sorting in problem-solving, create classes with comparable interfaces, and many more.

Grokking the System Design Interview by Educative

It covers many aspects of System Design Interviews, including load balancing, caching, data partitioning, etc. Text-based learning and hands-on coding are main features of course.

Object-Oriented Analysis, Design & Programming with UML by Udemy

This course teaches you how to create software using object-oriented methodologies. Also, how to evaluate and design classes so you can build a model of the problem domain.

Software Architecture & Design by Georgia Tech

The course covers various principles and concepts relevant to analysis and design of large software systems, including Design Concepts, UML and Analysis, Software architecture, etc.

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