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Blockchain Developers in India: What's the pay scale?

1. Based on Experience

Experience opens career doors and higher salaries. Average salary for blockchain developers in India varies from ₹5L to ₹30L/yr, with some senior developers earning up to ₹50L/yr.

2. Based On Location

As technology advances, blockchain developers earn a higher income in cities with higher tech levels.   Bangalore - ₹619,000/yr  Mumbai - ₹707,000/yr  Pune - ₹883,000/yr  Delhi - ₹599,000/yr

3. Based On Job Role

Blockchain developers earn varying salaries based on their job role.  Smart Contract Engineer - ₹100K – ₹150K  Integrations Engineer - ₹80 – ₹120K Core Engineer - ₹125K – ₹180K

4. Based On Skill Set

Knowledge of distributed systems, networking, and decentralized applications like NEO has a significant impact on salary. Getting certified can boost salaries by 5 to 30 LPA in India.

Top Companies Hiring Blockchain Developers in India

1. Hyperlink InfoSystem  2. Infosys  3. TCS  4. Accenture 5. Capgemini India Pvt ltd 

Are Blockchain developers paid the same salary in other countries?

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