Cloud Engineer Salary in India: How Much Do They Earn?


Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Experience

Cloud engineers salary increases with experience; it ranges from 12,41,000/yr for those with 0-3 yrs of experience to 17,44,817 - 10,00 369/yr for those with 4-6 yrs of experience.


Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Location

As cloud engineers are always in demand, their payscale varies in major IT hubs i.e Karnataka (₹9,14687), Maharashtra(₹7,19,119) and so on.


Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Job Role

Cloud engineers earn a wide range of salaries depending on their job profiles; solutions architects earn ₹6,46,077/yr, while systems engineers earn ₹8,35,000/yr, for example.


Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Skill Set

Cloud Engineers Salary is mainly determined by skill sets and capabilities; ₹1,228,902/yr for those with IT Security and Infrastructure skills, ₹894,979/yr for cloud computing skills, and so on.

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