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CodeDrift January 2.0

Get ready to challenge yourself and showcase your coding skills with CodeDrift January 2.0 - a coding marathon with varying difficulty levels.

About the Contest

CodeDrift January 2.0 is a coding marathon that will test your problem-solving skills and logical mind. Showcase your brilliance and tackle algorithmic programming problems. Join now and let's see what you got!

The contest starts on 28 JAN 2023 at 5 PM. Make sure to be on time to get the full 150 minutes to showcase your coding skills.

Mark your calendars!

Once you end the test, you cannot re-enter the contest, so make sure to view and solve all 5 questions before ending. Be careful, a penalty of 10 minutes will be applied for every wrong submission.

Read before you Register

Participants will be ranked based on the sum of scores of all the attempted problems. The participant with less time to solve problems will be ranked better if the score is the same.

How you will be ranked?

Unleash your coding potential and compete for fantastic prizes like a speaker, Alexa Echo Dot, headphones, Scaler Goodies and more in CodeDrift January 2.0.

What's at stake?

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