Common Python Commands with Examples

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Introduction to Python

Python is a general-purpose interpreted language used for creating software and websites, automating tasks, and analyzing data. It is beginner-friendly and easy to learn.

Basic Python Commands

1. pip install - Install and manages software packages.  2. print - Print out on screen.  3. type - Check object class or type.  4. input - Take input from user.  5. len - Count total items in an object.

Intermediate Python Commands

1. String Commands  These commands don't change the original string object, they just return a new one.    isalnum()  capitalize()  find()  center()

2. List Commands  A set of built-in list commands are available for use with lists and arrays. Lists can store elements of different data types.   copy()  insert()  pop()  reverse()  sort()

3. Tuple Commands  A tuple is a built-in data type that contains multiple items within a single variable. Currently, there are only two built-in tuple commands:     count() index()

For a List of Advanced Python Commands with examples.

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