A Complete Roadmap to Becoming a PHP Developer

Who is a PHP Developer?

PHP specialist with experience in MySQL, JSON, AJAX, XML, HTML, and other related technologies. Knowing PHP frameworks, such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc., is necessary.

Demand for PHP Developer

PHP is a popular scripting language used to develop backends for websites and web apps. Web apps and websites are becoming more common, making PHP developers more in demand.

Responsibilities of PHP Developer

1. Design, develop, and modify backend architecture that controls website behavior. 2. Fixing PHP code errors.  3. Create PHP scripts to meet client demands.  4. Connect apps with third-party web services.

PHP Developer Skills

1. Programming Language that includes HTML, CSS, and JS. 2. Understand related concepts like HTTP requests and JSON parsing. 3. Good grasp of database systems. 4. Skills in DSA and problem-solving.

Average Salary of PHP Developers

In India, the average salary of a PHP developer is approximately ₹277k/yr; however, it may differ based on various factors, such as experience, location, company, and skills.

PHP Developer: How to become one?

1. Obtain a relevant degree  2. Acquire relative expertise in PHP 3. Work on PHP Projects  4. Get Certified  5. Crack PHP Developer  6. Job Interview

Top Companies Hiring PHP Developers

Almost every company in the IT industry hires PHP developers, from Google and Microsoft to TCS and Infosys. MSMEs are also seeking PHP developers for internal and external projects.

How to Prepare for PHP Developer Interviews?